The ISAE Group is an association under the French Law of 1901 pursuing four goals:

  • Formalizing the ISAE Group’s operating methods while ensuring a certain degree of flexibility in implementation and management;
  • Ensuring a convergence of practices by thinking in “complementarity” mode;
  • Structuring topical reflections and developing joint projects;
  • Coming together while enabling each school to maintain its legal personality and its own development strategy.

Three membership levels

  • Associate schools: ESTACA; école de l’Air et de l'Espace; ENAC
  • Partner schools: ESTIA; EIGSI; Elisa Aerospace

The choice of flexible governance

Like many associations under the French Law of 1901, the ISAE Group has set up a form of governance that includes:

  • A Board of Directors that sets the ISAE Group’s main policies. It includes representatives of member and associate schools, as well as two outside persons. It meets at least twice a year.
  • A Bureau that handles the association’s everyday management, executes or ensures execution of the Board of Directors’ decisions and ensures follow-up. Once a month it brings together the directors of the member and associate schools.
  • An annual general meeting whose role is to approve the accounts, the budget forecast for the current year and the annual business program. It is made up of representatives from all the schools, members, associates and partners.

Activity organized around 5 thematic commissions

  • Training commission
  • Ecological Transition commission
  • Digital Learning commission
  • International Relations commission
  • Promotion-Image commission

Regional coordination in Nouvelle Aquitaine

In February 2020, the ISAE Group welcomed two new partner schools, ELISA Aerospace and EIGSI La Rochelle-Casablanca. With the arrival of these two institutions, the Nouvelle Aquitaine region now has four engineering schools that are members or partners of the ISAE Group: ISAE-ENSMA in Poitiers, ESTIA in Bidart, ELISA Aerospace in Bordeaux, and EIGSI in La Rochelle. To give its presence greater structure and to coordinate its actions in the region, the ISAE Group’s Board of Directors decided in July to create the “ISAE Nouvelle-Aquitaine” Alliance.

This “Alliance of Projects” will let the schools pursue the development of shared actions on the regional level, both in training and in research. The Alliance is already working on the “Usine du Futur” (Factory of the Future) and “Ferrocampus®” projects promoted by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region. Furthermore, it represents the Group at regional consultation bodies. With 3,000 students, not to mention its research power, and a strong impact on economic activity, the Alliance should also become the preferred contact for players in the regional economy and institutions.